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Cancer Full Moon 1.15.2014 January 12, 2014

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Sun in Capricorn

Sun in Capricorn

“Sometimes if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge & lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will know everything there is to be known.” Winnie the Pooh

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 10:52pm, CST: our Sun at 25*58 responsible, focused, committed & organized Capricorn is 180 degrees from our lunar sphere which is at 25*58 industrious, thrifty, maternal, sensitive Cancer during this Full Moon. The exact opposition between our radiant transmitter Sun (consciousness) & our Moon, which symbolizes everything about us that is instinctual & unconscious, reveals a time of illumination & fulfillment if the positive potential of the last New Moon (Capricorn Moon of January 1st, 2014) was allowed to develop. I remember it was a very tense New Moon time & I know I did learn more about my emotional nature…always more to learn. (I’m rereading the “Four Agreements” by Ruiz)

The Moon is the natural home transmitter of water-sign Cancer so it is very powerful when in this electromagnetic field, accentuating our deepest feelings, emotional patterns/needs, our sensitivities & responsiveness. The constant flow of the subconscious Moon contains the storehouse of our home base & the nurturing we perceived/received, security issues, family (of origin or those you chose to be close to), the past, memory (including other lives?), imagination, receptiveness & psychic gut instincts; these are all associated with this Full Moon in cautious, protective, very emotional Cancer.

Gibbous Moon over Lake Superior

Gibbous Moon over Lake Superior

The Earthy, practical, cautious, conscientious, self-disciplined & efficient Capricorn Sun at 25*58 can patiently manage the multiple emotions continually surfacing now. Guard against behavior that is too controlling, rigid or fearful. We have a helpful aspect from moderating, focused Saturn (naturally associated with Capricorn) at 21*34 intense Scorpio. The calm, grounded guidance of this Full Moon’s freight train of emotions is possible… facilitating wiser choices &  healthier release.

The faster moving, more personal planets, sensuous Venus (attraction, love, sociability, peacemaking, art, balance, harmony) & active Mars (desire, sexuality, courage, assertion, enthusiasm, independence) are experiencing stress/tension & an opportunity to do some rewarding “work”  in relationships with a challenging square aspect between retrograde Venus at 18* Capricorn & Mars at 18* Libra. Use this strong energy to rework some relationship issue or to change some non-productive habitual way of responding to another/others, for example.

Sculptures on Lake  Superior's shore

Sculptures on the Lake Shore

The fifth (out of 7) exact difficult square aspects between Uranus & Pluto is coming up on April 21st, 2014; with the radical disrupter, innovator Uranus at 13*34 fiery, pioneering Aries and intense, destructive, regenerative Pluto at 13*34 tangible, structured Capricorn. Our world is changing big-time! Please see Uranus Square Pluto on sidebar if you want more information.

Mother Nature's Art

Mother Nature’s Art

Light Beings Gather to Pray

Light Beings Gather to Pray

The “beings” in the photos are as large as children…I was so amazed by them! I had to climb down carefully on a snow-covered, rocky ledge to get these shots.

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