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Aquarius New Moon 1.30.2014 January 27, 2014

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Aquarius Goes it's Own Way

Aquarius Goes its Own Way

A New Moon time…birth of something new, fresh, innovative…an idea, a behavior, an attitude, a creation. The seeds are planted  although we don’t see the results yet…the dark & unseen possibilities. The Moon (the unconscious) is conjunct our Sun (consciousness) at 10*55 intuitive, friendly, humanitarian, innovative, universal & revolutionary Aquarius on Thursday, January 30th, 2014, 3:38 pm, CST. 

The electric, genius, radical disruptor Uranus, now at 9* Aries, is associated with communicative air-sign Aquarius. This is the transmitter that can shock us, shake us up & wake us up! It illuminates like a bolt of lightning. Meet the challenge & expect the unexpected while being calm, loving, giving & sharing.


 Both Sun & Moon together in the New Moon phase emphasize the originality, the future-oriented, progressive, tolerant & inventive Aquarian qualities. Each of us has this sign somewhere in our natal birthchart; depending upon the birth data, some have stronger Aquarian energy than others. There may be times that the aloofness, detachment, inconsistency, unpredictability & opinionative nature of this independent freedom-loving rebel can be hard to take. Self-awareness, moderation & balance are key.

Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Social, sensual Venus retrograde at 13*34 earthy Capricorn is currently conjunct (sitting right next to) complex, cathartic Pluto at 12*17 Capricorn. This describes extreme intensity & transformation, possibly unbalanced passion, in areas of partnerships, relationships, harmonizing & peacemaking for people, countries, ideologies, etc. Venus turns Direct (moving forward) on Jan. 31st…therefore January 31st & Feb 1st, 2014, are as close as Venus & Pluto get to each other until they are conjunct again in Feb. 2019.

I like the line in the AVICII song “Wake Me Up” that says “life is a game made for everyone and LOVE is the prize”.

Expansive, philosophical, optimistic Jupiter retrograde at 12*21 emotional, protective Cancer AND sudden-change artist Uranus at 9*24 assertive, daring, spontaneous Aries  do a big-time challenge to our dynamic duo Venus/Pluto during this New Moon.

My New Aquarian Friend!

My New Aquarian Friend!

You may have read information on this blog about Uranus squaring Pluto, occurring seven times from 2012-2015; marking a long-term scenario, on a world-wide transforming scale of breaking us free from the status-quo collective, affecting structured world hierarchies (the money system, government, the church, business, corporations, the authorities). Pluto does not destroy anything that has not grown toxic. Pluto is about Power & the use or misuse of it. Yes, we signed up for this…See sidebar for more on Uranus/Pluto.

January 31st is the Chinese New Year…year of the Horse.

Mercury turns Retrograde on Feb. 6th, 2014

Waiting to Run at John Beargrease Sled Dog Race

Waiting to Run at John Beargrease Sled Dog Race

Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest planetary actions on this site for every New Moon & Full Moon blog; and STAY WARM!




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