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Leo Full Moon 2.14.2014 February 13, 2014

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A Very Cold Day

A Very Cold Day with Invisible Wind

~As Above So Below~

Friday, February 14, 2014 at 5:53 pm, CST: Yes, on Valentine’s day we have a romantic, creative, dramatic Leo (the lover) Full Moon; our Sun at 26* independent, unconventional, tolerant Aquarius is exactly opposite our Moon at 26* playful, expressive, self-assured Leo. Leo is the natural home of the Sun, the center of our solar system. The Full Moon phase of illumination represents the alchemical sacred marriage between Moon (the feminine) & Sun (the masculine) as they appear equal in size now…symbolizing fulfillment through relationship…& it starts with the self.

 Mentally oriented, versatile, communicator Mercury at 28* humanitarian Aquarius is sitting right next to the dynamic, powerful Sun, which allows a flow of a very intuitive, unique, quick, brilliant quality to our thought processes…information we take into our specialized computer brain, how we define it & how we then send it out into the world. I am allowing the bouncer at the doorway of my mental realms to be very discriminating…of course it takes constant vigilance. What am I re-enforcing with my thoughts & words? It starts with the self. How long is it going to take us to acknowledge that we are star Beings of love & light? scientific Truth:  star dust are the building blocks of life & every atom of our body was produced inside the fiery core of stars.• from  2010 “How the Universe Works” series.

A Rare Warm Day

A Rare Warm Day

We are challenged by a serious, cautious, concentrated Saturn at 23* resourceful, intense & determined Scorpio making a stressful square aspect to this Sun & Full Moon. The restriction & blockage that we may experience as feelings of fear, insecurity, frustration & difficulty are teaching us to focus & commit to self-discipline, patience, responsibility, purposefulness and remember, a sense of humor helps!

The World Winter Olympics play out all the energies of this Aquarian time in space…universal, friendly, social, loving, sharing, people-oriented, communicating, supporting, respecting, playing, educating…heart-felt emotions all over the board! I love it!

Here are some brief astro facts for astrologically inclined…no time to go into depth.

•Mercury turns Direct at 18* Aquarius on Feb. 28th

•Mars turns Retrograde at 27*31 Libra  on March 1st (more info later)

•Saturn turns Retrograde at 23* Scorpio on March 2nd (more info later)

Fresh Water

Fresh Water

~~~HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all sentient Beings~~~

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