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Pisces New Moon 3.1.2014 CST February 27, 2014

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Midnight Storm

Midnight Storm

~As Above So Below~

Saturday, March 1st, 2014, 1:59am, CST: our Sun (consciousness) & our Moon (instincts) are both at 10*39 ethereal, mystical Pisces; and like a healing, spiritual dream…the luminaries are right in-between visionary, idealistic Neptune at 5* Pisces & the wounded healer Chiron at 13* Pisces. This group embodies innumerable qualities of the creative imagination, artistry, unconditional love, healing, cosmic consciousness, compassion, visualization, channelship & deep levels of inspiration.

Neptune, God of the Sea, is the home planet of watery Pisces; on the esoteric level it stimulates inner vision & represents the desire to reunite with Spirit. “The ocean is a suitable symbol for Neptune because of it’s depths, it’s constant movement, it’s mystery, it’s value as a symbol for the beginning & end of life, the place of emergence & disappearance.” (not sure of the source of this quote)

Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Allow yourself to be free of escapism, illusion or deceptions, especially self-deception, during this intangible Pisces New Moon time;  boundaries are dissolved which emphasizes the qualities of connecting, merging, uniting, &/or confusion, disorientation, lack of discrimination…Stay grounded & be open to spiritual (whatever that may mean for you) guidance where your ego takes a back seat.

The Shadows-What is Real & What is Not

The Shadows-What is Real & What is Not

Chiron at 13* Pisces, an agent of healing, works through awareness; when IT changes that is an important transition associated with our human potential. Embracing the shadow is as important as seeking the light. Mind & body are connected by awareness.

May your soul plan evolve with grace and beauty, dignity and love.


For the more astrologically inclined;

Mercury at 18* Aquarius, goes Direct on Friday, Feb. 28th at 8am, CST.

•Mars at 28* Libra turns Retrograde on Saturday, March 1st at 10:24am, CST

Saturn at 23*Scorpio turns Retrograde on Sunday, March 2nd at 10:19am, CST

Jupiter at 10* Cancer goes Direct on Thursday, March 6th at 4:42am, CST


Spring IS coming…might be a good time for a chart reading, either new or an update…check About Leta on top!

 Check out this site every month for New Moon & Full Moon blog;




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