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Virgo Full Moon 3.16.2014 March 11, 2014

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Spring is Coming!

Spring is Coming!

~ Everyone has all the zodiac signs & all the planets somewhere in their birthchart~

Sunday afternoon, March 16, 2014, 12:08 pm, CDT: our Sun at 26*02 mystical, magical Pisces is mathematically opposite our Moon at 26*02 grounded, disciplined Virgo culminating as the Full Moon. The evening before, of & after will be spectacular if it is cloud free. This peak of light and total illumination of the vision is the promise of this phase; the symbolic seed flowers at this time.

Sensitive, receptive Pisces Sun, the most fluid of the twelve signs, is flowing, drifting, dreaming….it is deeply emotional, imaginative, visionary, empathic, ethereal, unifying & merging…there are no boundaries here. (which can be a problem sometimes) The gentle spiritual compassion of Pisces & surrender to that which is greater than us offers healing. Neptune, at 6* Pisces, the  mythological God of the seas, is the home planet. This transpersonal sphere reveals itself as the cosmic solvent… dissolving form, symbolizing unity, oneness & wholeness. Idealistic Neptune can express as confusion, disorder or disorientation as it represents the urge to lose oneself in another state of consciousness. Too much of a good thing can be dangerous however; escapism, addictions, delusion, deception & chaos fall under this catagory as well. Clarity, balance & reality is needed & Virgo energy helps to supply this.


Efficient, practical & discriminating Virgo is ruled by speedy transmitter Mercury, which is currently at 28*38 Aquarius. The Virgo part of us has a sharp eye for detail, can be very meticulous, technological & analytical. As a mutable Earth sign it is connected to planet Earth, nature, & healing; the intellectual, observant, skillful, conscientious Virgo likes to help, be useful & to be of service.

SPRING: Our Sun moves into the electromagnetic field of Aries on Thursday, March 20th at 11:57am, CDT!!

Feel free to share any of this information with others…thank you for inquiring.


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