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Aries New Moon 3.30.2014 March 28, 2014

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The Antler Tree

Antler Tree of Ancient Warrior Spirit

Sunday afternoon, March 30th, 2014, 1:44pm, CDT: we have a vital New Moon with Sun & Moon together at 9*59 inspiring, energetic, innovative Aries. Both New Moon and forceful Aries represent new beginnings.

Associated with fiery, independent, enthusiastic transmitter Mars, Aries can express as confidence, courage, self-starting, directness & strength. Folks with this Warrior sign emphasized  (Sun…Moon…Ascendent…1st house planets, etc.) may be fearless, passionate, assertive, eager, competitive…brave leaders unafraid to initiate action. It is also natural for Aries to look out for #1. However Mars impatience, anger, selfishness, recklessness, carelessness can also escalate into violence & war. We have challenging aspects with Uranus, Pluto & Jupiter at this time, but also beneficial connections among other planets; there will be stress & distress. Send out love, calm, peaceful, healing energy from the heart wherever you are…as often as you can. Stop the judgements & criticisms before they leave your mouth. (I tell myself)

Still Snowing

Still Snowing

 High-frequency Uranus 12*20 Aries sits next to the 2 luminaries during the New Moon; undoubtedly sudden change, revolutionary actions, unexpected events & extremes will surface perhaps more than usual. Radical, electrifying, higher vibration Uranus symbolizes the evolutionary impulse for awakening, illuminating & liberating us from stagnant internal ego structures & stagnant external reality structures; it transmits sudden freedom from the known world into the unknown & release from our growth inhibiting status-quo conditioning. Our intuition (instant knowing) is increasing if we chose to pay attention to it. “Beam me up Scottie!”

Chester Creek

Chester Creek

April 14th, Pluto turns Retrograde 13*34 Capricorn before the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (which takes place shortly after midnight on the 15th of April..more on Full Moon in the next blog). Willful, passionate, compulsive, intense & cathartic Pluto is the natural transmitter connected to the electromagnetic field of deeply emotional, powerful, transforming, magnetic Scorpio. Pluto reflects its mysterious energy  for slow, gradual, irreversible change wherever it is. A few days around the 14th will potentially be very intense.Then on April 21st, 2014, we will be experiencing the next Uranus/Pluto exact square…..

This planetary aspect helps to describe the world we’re currently living in…from every direction & on every level sentient life on Earth is changing at an exponential rate. Unpredictable URANUS 13*34 Aries is square transforming PLUTO 13*34 Capricorn on Monday, April 21st, 2014, 1:38pm, CDT: These two outer transpersonal planets have been powerfully interacting with each other since June 2012, mirroring “As Above So Below” in perfect dramatic fashion. In April we experience the 5th of 7 exact squares between high-voltage Uranus & complex, intense Pluto. (the sixth is Dec.16th, 2014, the seventh & last one is March 17th, 2015)


And just what is a square?!…you might ask. It is a mathematical aspect (a tetrahedron) between two planets that signifies stress & dynamic tension, crisis, confrontations & their results; focus of energy is needed. These transmitters represent higher octave energies symbolizing the urge toward development related to soul consciousness rather than personal consciousness.

Pluto destroys anything that has grown toxic…nothing personal, it just does! Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually it works through breaking down, destruction & rebuilding…regeneration…healing…assimilating & transforming…it symbolizes concentrated POWER. Power issues, control, manipulation, power struggles?  Self-empowerment is the wisest channel for Plutonian energy.

My New Friend.. Feather

My New Friend.. Feather

 What is special about planet Earth? It is the only WATER planet in our solar system. Hmmmm…

It might be time for a birthchart consultation or an update~see about Leta above

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