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Taurus New Moon/Solar Eclipse 4.29.2014 April 26, 2014

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~As Above So Below~

Mother Earth Wakes Up

Mother Earth Wakes Up

Tuesday, early morning, April 29, 2014: we experience the fixed Earthy Taurus New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 1:14 am, CDT. Both Sun & Moon are together (conjunct) at 8*52 resourceful, grounded Taurus. This productive sign of the Bull is the symbol of determined practicality, endurance, stability, proficiency in the material world, & has a strong connection to Mother Earth. Both luminaries, the consciousness of the Sun & the instinctual, feeling nature of the Moon, are providing a vessel/container/soil for seed energies to sprout. The New Moon is perfect for new beginnings. Focus your attention & energy into whatever you want to have more of in your life.

Detachment-Let it Go

Detachment-Let it Go

The Taurus Sun & Moon/Solar Eclipse are making flowing aspects to both inspirational, compassionate Neptune at 7* imaginative Pisces which breaks down boundaries & expands our state of consciousness; and to the concentrated, regenerative Pluto power of intense core energy, at 13*32 Capricorn, allowing us to purge, cleanse, heal. The peaceful bull is strong, quiet & deliberate unless provoked…the Taurus part of us will benenfit from easing up on acquistitiveness & possessiveness…even though Taurus does not change without a struggle. Harmonizing, receptive Venus, at 25*43 ethereal, artistic, universal Pisces, is the transmitter associated with reliable, trustworthy Taurus, representing the essential sensual feminine; Venus is currently making a beneficial aspect with responsible, structured Saturn at 21* intense, magnetic Scorpio, building something of value.

The Roar is Heard

During a Solar Eclipse the Moon (the past) aligns right between our dynamic Sun (the future) & home planet Earth (the present /current reality). The narrow ring of  Sun now visible is mostly overshadowed by the dark mask of  Moon, symbolizing unconscious desires dominating conscious ones; information such as old patterns, status-quo conditioning, feelings, habits, etc. previously hidden by the day’s brightness is suddenly exposed; unexpected situations may pop up, revealing insights & opportunities or  disclosing clouded, incomplete awareness which could limit one’s perspective. However, the Past & the Present must come to terms before further development proceeds. The placement of  8*52 Taurus in the birthchart would affect the intensity & magnitude of this process. Allow realistic calmness help you with detachment where & when needed.


Just to remind you: we have lived with extremely complicated astrological configurations lately, mirroring the transformation all sentient beings have been experiencing.This includes the past Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on April 15th, the 5th Uranus/Pluto square on April 21st, the infrequent & stressful Cardinal Grand Cross action all last week, and now this New Moon/Solar Eclipse on April 29th. The effects of these cosmic transmitters are timeless, reflecting our DNA evolutionary journey as we become more of who we truly are.

“I’m not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” Winnie-the -Pooh

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