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Gemini New Moon 5.28.2014 May 26, 2014

Posted by cosmicsense in Gemini, New Moons.

~As Above So Below~

"May The Force Be With You"

“May The Force Be With You”

Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 1:40pm, CDT: A lighter energy with this adaptable air sign! Together Sun (of the conscious self) & Moon (the unconscious) are exact at 7*21 communicative, connecting Gemini during the New Moon…a welcome breath of fresh air! Remember we all have interactive, flexible Gemini somewhere in our natal birth charts.

New Moon equals new beginnings in some area of life…be open to learning, teaching, sharing or just plain observing & absorbing the world around you.  Inquisitive, bright, articulate, witty & social Gemini loves to accumulate information…its speedy & unexpected butterfly mind needs constant stimulation..it lives for the immediate & doesn’t do well with boredom, routine or repetition. The transmitter Mercury is the home planet of this changeable, logical electromagnetic sign.

My Meditation Center

My Meditation Center

The quick, rational, versatile, data-collecting Mercury, the part of us that gathers, computes & broadcasts info, turns Retrograde (backward) on Saturday, June 7th at 3* Cancer & backtracks through Gemini until July 1st when it turns Direct (forward) at 24* Gemini.  A retrograde period, which happens about 3X a year for Mercury, offers more opportunity to process what has been learned; a time of review, reflection, reconsider, re-orienting, re-evaluating, sometimes re-doing…hopefully we can then begin a new cycle mentally refreshed.

Changeable Gemini Weather

Changeable Gemini Weather


Ice Moves In

Ice Moves In

Take care of the body now; don’t let your nervous system get too frazzled. I have to force myself to stop gardening to eat & rest! Watch for a tendency to be scattered, inconsistent, impatient or indecisive during this busy time.

This blog is short because its planting time!!!




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