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Sagittarius Full Moon 6.12.2014 June 11, 2014

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~As Above So Below~


Last Month’s Full Moon

A fiery Sagittarius Full Moon accompanies our Being on Thursday, June 12, 2014, 11:11pm, CDT. The Moon at 22*06 visionary Sagittarius is 180* opposite the rational Gemini Sun at 22*06. The Full Moon is the peak blossoming phase of the eight Moon phases; whatever energy was seeded during the New Moon phase is now visible in our lives…a creation of some sort. It also shows us where we will need to find a balance of the polarity between the two signs. Know when to talk, know when to listen.

Expansive, understanding, outspoken, generous Sag is on the search for life’s meaning, expressing faith, idealism, tolerance, wisdom & good will. Witty, alert, articulate, inquisitive & changeable Gemini speeds around in every direction, absorbing all that it sees, hears, feels, smells & tastes… then this airy sign communicates this information in a number of way & a variety of forms.


Jack-in-the-Pulpits Hidden Under the Leaves

Jack-in-the-Pulpits Hidden Under the Leaves

Abundant, adventurous Jupiter, our solar system’s largest transmitter, is the optimistic, enthusiastic Sagittarius home planet. During this Sun/Moon opposition benevolent Jupiter is at 22*49 emotional, receptive & protective Cancer. Beware of moodiness, hypersensitivity & insecurities as much emotional content (current & old stuff) is now being processed & transformed.

The ruler of intelligent Gemini, is the data collector & the communicative Mercury, which is currently retrograde at 2* psychic, imaginative Cancer. Communications (spoken, felt, acted, expressed) with family of origin or those we consider our family, our security needs, how we nurture, our home base…is emphasized emotionally & spiritually. How do you communicate your needs? Letting go of fear is one of my major hurdles.

The Birch

The Birch

The Wounded Healer Chiron is aspecting both the Sag Moon & the Gemini Sun creating an opportunity for a tremendously powerful, healing consciousness expanding experience. Be open & receptive, even if the ….hits the fan!

“Life’s a game made for everyone and LOVE is the prize…” Avicii



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