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Cancer New Moon 6.27.2014 June 24, 2014

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~As Above So Below~


Lupines (with wind blowing)

~Everyone has all the planets & all the signs somewhere in their birthchart~

The very sensitive, psychic & receptive Cancer New Moon is exact on Friday, June 27, 2014 at 3:08am. Both conscious Sun & instinctual Moon are at the same degree of 5*37 imaginative, vulnerable, subjective Cancer revealing multiple tides of FEELINGS, coming in & going out, connected to the unconscious. New Moons are a time of conception & new birth, hidden from our view as the seed grows within.

This moody water sign operates from the gut & needs to give & receive emotional warmth & security. The family (of origin or choice), the nest, home-base, even country, are especially important to those with supportive, nurturing, caring Cancer energy emphasized in their birthchart; we all have it somewhere.

Deer Tracks in Sand

Deer Tracks in Sand

Tenacious, industrious, creative Cancer, symbolized by the armored Crab, is associated with the right-brain oriented, responsive Moon…the dimensions of the inner life are absolutely important; Cancers are here to feel… which is why they need their shell for protection….to not be overwhelmed.

Just don’t allow safety to become so important that growth is inhibited by building too many impenetrable defenses. The protective & sometimes fearful crab needs to periodically break out of its hard shell in order to continue evolving.

Lupines Opening

Lupines Opening

The Cancer Sun & Moon are opposing cathartic Pluto at 12* Capricorn during this New Moon time. Transformation is definitely on the program. Powerful, intense, complex Pluto represents penetrating into the deep unconscious realms, undoubtedly magnifying what sensitive Cancer is already experiencing emotionally.

Purging, purifying Pluto’s influence, as core energy, works from inside the nucleus of whatever it touches upon  (planets & signs in our case) & moves outward from the center. On many levels Pluto signifies death, destruction, breaking down, upheaval, release, cleansing, renewal, healing, creation, revitalization, regeneration, metamorphosis, transmutation & rebirth. It is our genetic evolution; Plutonian power cannot be controlled but rather focalized. Esoterically it represents returning to the Source… use your power wisely.


 Assertive, fearless, enthusiastic, confident Mars, symbolizing action, is now (late Tuesday/early Wednesday June 25th) opposite intuitive, sudden, unexpected, unpredictable Uranus, changing our status quo from familiar to unfamiliar, which isn’t good or bad…it just is.

Both Mars & Uranus are also still making a challenging aspect to Pluto during this New Moon, adding to the  ongoing turmoil/transformation.


Owen Lake

Owen Lake

Farewell until next time fellow members of evolving Consciousness!

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