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Capricorn Full Moon 7.12.2014 July 7, 2014

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~As Above So Below~

The Poppies

The Poppies

Every one of us has all 12 astrological signs & all the planets somewhere within our birthcharts.

Early Saturday  morning, July 12, 2014, 6:25am, CDT: We are immersed in a potentially wild & crazy Capricorn Full Moon… although Cap is not known for wild & crazy… other current transmitters & electromagnetics mirror this possibility.

The Sun (our conscious will & purpose) is at 20*03 sensitive, psychic, nurturing, water-sign Cancer 180* opposite the Moon (our instinctual, emotional self) at 20*03 disciplined, realistic, serious, Earth-sign Capricorn. The Sun & Moon symbolize complementary opposites which need integration during the Full Moon. They are the polar manifestations of the same primal, undifferentiated Divine force. Every 29 days the lunar orb circles home planet Earth resulting in 8 repeating moon phases. (For more Cancer info see previous blog on Cancer New Moon.)

After a Rainburst

Inbetween  Rainbursts

At this time both luminaries have formed an uncomfortable, tense square aspect with the radical, unpredictable, extremist Uranus. This electrical, high-frequency transmitter liberates us from our known & familiar world, i.e. the Awakener. The sudden-change of unexpected, shocking, intuitive Uranus at 16*28 assertive, confident, independent, action-oriented Aries is still making a fairly close (within 4*) & stressful aspect to the complex scenarios of the regenerating, mysterious, compulsive, hidden depths of transforming Pluto at 12* structured, conservative, responsible, cautious, material-world Capricorn.

The next square of Uranus/Pluto is exact on December 16th, 2014; this will be the 6th of 7 exact 90* angles between these two outer, transpersonal planets. I know I’m having a hard time keeping up with life…learning more about how to flow.



Speaking of Pluto…it is sitting only 8* from the Capricorn Full Moon, adding additional power to our emotional transformations. What an opportunity!! We have another major chance to release old stuck emotions that have become toxic… lightening our load… preparing for what is to come. As Disraeli put it  “The secret to success is constancy to purpose.”

Patient, persevering Saturn, associated with Capricorn but currently at 17* Scorpio, the Cancer Sun & this Capricorn Full Moon are all making beneficial aspects to Chiron…the healing transmitter. Chiron pertains to  our “wounds”, even ones traveling through our DNA. It represents our ability to heal ourselves & assist others. Relationships are prime to go through potentially healthy transformations if we choose.


“I am a spiritual being having a physical experience.”

I am tuning in more often to my intuition & it works!

Stay informed of the Cosmic story by checking this site for every New Moon & every Full Moon each month…subscribe for free above & be notified of publications. I appreciate every reader & I am grateful I get to share my passion & do this blog for you.




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