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Leo New Moon 7.25.2014 July 24, 2014

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“Astrology only correlates to reality, it does not cause it.”  J.Wolf Green

Crow Friend

Crow Friend Watching Over my Yard

A Leo New Moon!! The light shines bright in radiant, self-assured Leo...especially for people born during the royal Lion’s reign… or those who have this sign as their ascendant, Moon sign, with planets placed here or in the 5th house of their birthchart. At any rate each one of us has every sign & every planet somewhere in our chart.

Early evening on Saturday, July 26, 2014, 5:42 pm, CDT, both Sun (will, vitality, potential) & Moon (instincts, emotions, responses) are at the exact same degree of 3*52 creative, flamboyant, generous, playful Leo. The giant optimistic, jovial Jupiter, transmitter that expands upon & magnifies everything it touches, is tightly conjunct the luminaries at 2*20 Leo. What a wonderful opportunity to spread the love, warmth & self-confidence of this magnanimous, dynamic energy.



The Sun is naturally at home in the electromagnetic field of big-hearted, dramatic Leo. Self-expression, romance & having fun could be emphasized at this New Moon phase of new beginnings, along with commanding, authoritative, proud & dignified behavior. Creative outlets are necessary for ambitious Leo….it symbolizes “the child within” also needing a lot of attention & appreciation; it can manifest in an egocentric, stubborn & dictatorial fashion at times. Leo is a natural leader & with power comes responsibility…you’ve heard it before…the power of love or the love of power.



All flower photos are from my yard where the wind rarely stops, so I sometimes think of them as more like paintings.



All three spheres (Sun, Moon, Jupiter) in fiery Leo are challenging (squaring) frisky, fearless, impulsive Mars at 1* intense, deep, mysterious Scorpio (Mars is co-ruler of Scorpio…therefore strongly positioned) during this New Moon. Could be stressful…find some hard work to do with love & creativity.

We are immersed in powerful cosmic frequencies so far beyond our little Earth, our solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, etc….I highly recommend the 2010 series “How The Universe Works” on Netflix. The visuals are worth it if nothing else. Consider how you’re putting your energy out to the world while currently in physical form.

Stay cool! Check this site monthly for New Moon & Full Moon blogs; it’s easier to subscribe (FREE) up on top & be notified of every publication. Time for a chart reading!?





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