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Aquarius Full Moon 8.10.2014 August 8, 2014

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~As Above So Below~

Over lake Superior

Home of Uranus…Greek God of the Sky

Sunday, August 10, 2014, 1:09 pm, CDT: The conscious Yang energy of our Sun at 18* self-expressive, flamboyant Leo is exactly 180* opposite the instinctual Yin energy of the Moon at 18* non-conventional, spontaneous, tolerant Aquarius during this Full Moon. The Sun, perfectly at home in creative, charismatic & commanding Leo, operates quite vibrantly in its own electromagnetic field.

Aquarius is the electrical air sign, not known for being very emotional. It is associated with Uranus-the uncertainty principle-which symbolizes the instant, unpredictable, out-of-the-blue changes that operate in our lives…sometimes more personal depending on your chart & the transits, but Uranus, along with other outer planets, can indicate impersonal changes that occur on Earth such as those major events/transformations that are affecting multitudes of sentient Beings. (Click the Uranus Square Pluto on sidebar for much more information of these transitions.)

The freedom-loving, rebellious, individualizing, outlaw Uranus also manifests as genius, invention, imagination, innovation & the instant knowing that we call intuition…it’s like a direct line to another frequency which totally bypasses the mental realm. We will never become stagnant with Uranus around.

Coleus & Friends

Coleus & Friends

Uranus at 16* Aries is beneficially aspecting three personal transmitters; communicator Mercury at 20* Leo, the Sun (the evolving higher self) & the Moon (the unconscious sensitive & responsive self) at 18* Leo & Aquarius respectively during this Full Moon time. We can be conduits of  knowledge & information which include the heart (Leo)! Balance & integrate both electromagnetic vibrations.

The faster moving, assertive & passionate Mars at 8*38 intense, complex Scorpio is currently closing in on concentrated, committed & disciplined Saturn at 16*59 resourceful Scorpio; Saturn will temper the direct, competitive, impulsive Warrior planet Mars which will be exactly conjunct purposeful Saturn on Monday, August 25th at 17* penetrating Scorpio. This powerful duo will blend together in the most powerful, cathartic sign and become like a laser beam of focused energy toward organization, healing, regeneration & constructiveness, as they help initiate, inspire & pioneer the transformations we want to experience in our world.

Tubor Begonia

Tuber Begonia

Restrictive, responsible Saturn, the Teacher, also makes many challenging aspects to Mercury, Sun, Moon & Uranus now. Don’t let frustration, inhibitions, fear & insecurity turn you into a crystallized Being…allow yourself to continue gaining wisdom from experience.

The Dance of Life

The Dance of Life



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