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Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 10.8.2014 October 6, 2014

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Whatever we focus our attention on becomes our reality.

Mouth of Baptism River into Lake Superior

Mouth of Baptism River on Lake Superior

We are encountering the Aries Full Moon & dynamic Lunar Eclipse Wednesday, October 8th, 2014, 5:50 am, CDT: Our Sun at 15* social, cooperative Libra is joined by sensuous Venus, the planet at home in this sign, which sits close at 10* harmonizing Libra; they are now exactly opposite the responsive Moon at 15* active, fiery Aries with transmitter Uranus, of the unexpected, sudden & radical energy, right in the Moon’s lap at 14*impulsive Aries. The North Node at 19* Libra & South Node at 19* Aries, respectively, are only 4* from the two luminaries opening more pathways into the unknown & increasing the potential for amazing new worlds (consciousness) to manifest.

An Eclipse symbolizes a doorway type of situation; Earth (representing the present) lines up as in a pool shot… exactly inbetween the Sun (future) & Moon (past); Earth temporarily blocks Sun’s light of consciousness from the emotional, fluctuating Moon. Emotions will be potently raw as old repressed stuff surfaces…make space for the unexpected if you can, especially with sock ’em & shock “em, electrical Uranus only a degree away from being conjunct our passionate, direct Aries Moon & opposing the sometimes indecisive but romantic Libran Sun.

This is another perfect opportunity to clear out issues of the past in order to be better prepared for the ongoing accelerating transformations. You’ve already cleared stuff out you say….if you’re still in a physical body there is more to be done. Try not to be overwhelmed.

Perfect Day

Perfect Day

Peace-loving, diplomatic, sensitive, gracious Venus is strongly connected to partnership-oriented Libra, sometimes to the point of being afraid to rock the boat. The thoughtful, accommodating Libran part of us does not like to be left out or not considered. Balancing the polar opposite qualities will be challenging now with independent, daring, passionate, adventurous Mars as the ruler of me first Aries Moon; there will be situations when compromise & patience will definitely be called for.

Pioneering Mars at 16* Sagittarius makes harmonious aspects to the Sun, Jupiter, the Moon & Uranus, thankfully…mirroring a beneficial, more flowing contribution to this potent Full Moon/Luner Eclipse.


Huge Cave

Huge Cave

Out to Rocky Beach

Out to Rocky Beach

It would be great to be able to create a peaceful space for yourself now, even if for a short time. Being out in nature will help keep us grounded.

Check out this site for every New Month & Full Moon…subscribe for free on top.


 Feeling Younger Sitting Next to this Ancient Tree

Feeling Younger Sitting Next to this Ancient Tree

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