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About Leta

Hello to all who enter my world!

I’ve been studying astrology for over 40 years, initially with the intention of learning about myself & the Cosmos. Time, interest & experience have led to my astrology business; I calculate & interpret individual natal birthcharts  i.e. astrology charts, according to your birth time (on birth certificate), place of birth (or larger town/city close to it) & date (day/month/year).

Also available is the TRANSIT or update chart which focuses on today’s transiting planets & how they are currently aspecting your natal birthchart; this can be very helpful & supportive especially at important planetary crossroads of life which we usually experience with some difficulty.

After I receive the necessary birth data, consultations are made by appointment & last approximately one hour in person at my home office in Duluth MN; this includes a paper copy of your birthchart & a CD recording of our session…. or I mail a CD recording & copy of birthchart if you are long distance or can’t make an office call. The price is $75 for an office visit; $80 for a mailed CD. Some clients choose to set up a phone consultation (you pay for call). I currently only accept cash, checks or prepaid money orders. NOTE that there are NO written interpretations offered.

International transactions must be prepaid in US funds; $80 plus postage (cost depends on location) in a money order.

I am not a predictive astrologer or fortune-teller & I never tell clients exactly what to do, but self-knowledge is an invaluable tool for anyone at anytime. Please indicate particular questions or concerns you may want addressed if you have them. The science/art of astrology can definitely help you to understand more about your personal cycles of growth & transformation during this time of challenging accelerated change. Please contact me for more information or any questions.

Thank you,

Leta Waterfall

Call me at 218.728.5027 or email at sagaqua@chartermi.net



1. lightworker22 - October 21, 2014

Leta, I encourage you to look into EverNote…its how I am able to record phone readings at no cost and email them within minutes
of a session. Its a free site …(although I bought the upgrade).
If you want any help on how to set it up, make it work for recording calls,etc. feel free to call me and I’ll help you.
Bright blessings. Linda 330-725-0597 (Ohio./eastern time).

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