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Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse 10.23.2014 October 21, 2014

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: CosmicSense started in 2008 regularly twice a month. My feelings & intuition are now directing me to take a break & go with the flow. I will no longer be publishing the New Moon-Full Moon monthly blogs even though I love sharing astrology with others…I plan to concentrate my energy on clients’ astrological natal birthcharts &/or current transit charts therefore I will still be doing consultations. The “about Leta” box at the top of this blog has all my business information. (However I may occasionally write a special blog.) Thanks to all of you for your support. I am Happy!

You may contact me via email: Leta Waterfall at sagaqua@chartermi.net or phone: 218.728.5027 

~Time of Reflection & Change~

Letting Go

Letting Go

On Thursday, October 23rd, 2014, only hours after the Sun moves into the electromagnetic field of healing, cathartic Scorpio, we experience a deeply complex Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 4:56 pm, CDT; the two luminaries are positioned at 0*25 secretive, penetrating Scorpio…the very beginning of this intense, resourceful, magnetic, sensitive, fixed, water sign. Venus, planet of love, beauty, harmony & balance is at 0*04 Scorpio blended in with the New Moon scenario.

Symbolic seeds are being planted during the New Moon…a phase of conception, new birth, new beginnings. A Solar Eclipse relates to our Moon sitting right in-between the Sun & our Earth, blocking further development until the past & the present come to terms. The past (Moon) must prove relevant to the present (Earth) before we can move into the future (Sun). Old mistakes must be recognized & corrected.

 “Courageous people do not fear forgiving, for the sake of peace.”    Nelson Mandela

Chester Creek

Chester Creek

One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

Willful, strong, passionate Scorpio and metamorphic Pluto, the planet/transmitter of concentrated power associated with this sign, deal with the heavy-duty aspects of life; the subconscious/unconscious, the mysteries of sexuality, destruction, elimination, death, rebirth, regeneration, resurrection & transformation…every soul on Earth deals with PLUTO.

Communicative Mercury will be turning Direct at 16* Libra on Oct. 25th. My brain appreciates that.

Active, assertive Mars is conjunct evolutionary Pluto at 11*35 structured Capricorn on Nov. 10th & Mars is then squaring (challenging) the unexpected & sudden Uranus at 13* courageous Aries on Nov. 12th. This will be an INTENSE week….polish up all your tools/skills/prayers or whatever you do to de-stress in a conscious way. Over & Out friends!

What is Real, What is Not?

What is Real, What is Not?



A Fresh Perspective

A Fresh Perspective


Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse 11.3.2013 October 31, 2013

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Autumn in Chester Park

Autumn in Chester Park

~As Above So Below~

YES! YES! YES!  Let’s have an amazing transformative time during this introspective, INTENSE Scorpio New Moon & Solar Eclipse! The New Moon phase is exact early on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013, at 6:50 am, CST; both Sun & Moon at 11*16 resourceful, determined, passionate Scorpio.

Complex Scorpio is all about transformation on every level.. death & regeneration…physical, emotional, mental, psychological & spiritual. It is a fixed water sign. The quality of being fixed can range from sustainment, preservation & stability to stubbornness & resistance to change. The water element refers to the feeling principle; with attributes of nurturance, the mysterious, the hidden, the unconscious, deep emotions, sensitivities & the psychic realms. We all have this energy somewhere in our chart, but some have much emphasis upon it, such as the Sun, ascendant, Moon, 8th house planets or any transmitters in the Scorpio electromagnetic field.

Be Open

Be Open

Warrior Mars was the early ruler of Scorpio until cathartic Pluto was discovered. (I still consider it a planet). Pluto definitely plays a major role in our current Cosmic scene as it represents those elements which have not yet been integrated into our collective consciousness. As the God of the Underworld, many pitfalls lurk here; obsession-compulsion, jealousy, hatred, abuse, domination of others, manipulation, taboo areas, power-hungary, violence…you get the idea.

The awesome power & magic of regenerative Scorpio comes with the achievement of self-mastery. Constantly giving birth to the self; purging, cleansing, forgiving (of self too), healing, revitalizing & renewal… allowing transformation on a deep level will naturally facilitate the healing gifts which can then help others.

Of course adding to the intensity of life we’re right on the heels of quick-change Uranus at 9*25 fiery Aries squaring (challenging) Pluto at 9*25 pragmatic Capricorn; they are exactly 90* from each other on Nov. 1st. We experience the ramifications for quite a while & we have 3 more exact squares between these two dynamic spheres through to March 2015. See sidebar for more.

Water Flows

Water Flows

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, not yet visible or even consciously known, as in the germinating of the seed beneath the ground. This is the cyclical phase of creation & new birth. The manifestation of a new self being born fits the Scorpio vision energy of transformation. The magnificent vitality of the Eagle is one of the symbols of perceptive, magnetic, reserved Scorpio. The Moon is right in-between the Earth & our Sun now during this Solar Eclipse. We are clearing up some old issues, etc. in order to more freely embrace the future.

This particular Cosmic situation has so much potential because of the multitude of aspects to Saturn, Moon, Sun, North Node & Mercury, which are all sitting closely together in a powerful Scorpio stellium. (group of planets very close to the same degree). We came to Earth to go through these changes & we can do it!

Mercury turns Direct on Sunday, Nov. 10th, 3:12pm, CST. Hopefully the external reality confusion & mistakes will be decreasing.

The present moment may not always be an easy place to be but what else do we really have? I’m done with holding on…I’m just going to flow~~~

Sand Bluffs

Sand Bluffs

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Taurus New Moon/Solar Eclipse 5.9.2013 May 6, 2013

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Mother Nature

Mother Nature

We experience an Earthy Taurus New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Thursday evening, May 9th, 2013, at 7:28 pm, CDT. Sun & Moon sit together at 19*31 sensual, practical, possessive & artistic Taurus along with assertive Mars at 14* Taurus, South Node (path of least resistance) at 16* Taurus &  communicator Mercury at 17* Taurus. Wow!

A whole lot of grounded, steady, calm & productive Earthiness may be just what we need…the stability of character & purpose, resourcefulness, patient perseverance, enduring affection & friendship & the healing touch of superabundant vitality sounds good… the seeds germinate underground during the New Moon phase of new beginnings, and if you choose, can potentially manifest these qualities wherever you go.

Taurus is the natural home of Venus, goddess of love, pleasure, values, beauty, harmony & self-worth; attracting whatever our 5 senses desire…as it operates in the tangible, material world. This fixed sign gravitates toward physical comfort at times challenging the need for change… letting go of the status quo & a familiar lifestyle could be very difficult. Symbolized by the Bull, the determined, thorough, loyal, dependable, sensible & stubborn Taurus can get things accomplished. However the same Bull can also become very enraged when provoked. And super stubborn.


The North Node (new direction) at 16* in-depth, powerhouse Scorpio is opposing our stellium (Sun, Moon, Mercury, South Node & Mars) in Taurus. Scorpio is a fixed, emotional water sign & describes intensity, iron will & determination, passion, courage, psychic-accurate observation, reserve & self-control. Use this power for self-empowerment, rather than trying to control situations or others.

A Solar Eclipse is a cosmic event that occurs during a close &/or exact New Moon when the Moon (the past) is positioned in-between the Earth (the present) & the Sun (the future). The lunar orb blocks out part of the sun’s light of consciousness, flashing us back into the past in order to integrate our emotions & feelings; an opportunity to process the memories, conditioning & old patterns in order to more freely embrace the future.  Hidden insights or unacknowledged achievements may also surface as part of this awakening unless we allow an  incomplete, limited awareness to cloud our perspective between what to let go of & what to keep. Trust yourself.

Venusian Moss

Venusian Moss

Monday, May 20th, 2013, our solar orb moves into airy, high-gear, communicative Gemini; THIS IS THEE DAY of the 3rd exact square (90 degree angle) between URANUS at 11*15 Aries and PLUTO at 11*15 Capricorn. We’ve lived through two of these Uranus-Pluto exact squares in 2012, & will have four more, finishing up in 2015. The world as we know it will change whether we like it or not…in some ways healthier & life-affirming, some ways more destructively. I choose what is for my highest good (or my best effort), empowering myself by fusing with forces greater than my own ego.

On Friday, May 24th, there is a Sagittarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse…more on that in the next blog.

~Each time we expand higher in awareness, we go deeper into the subconscious to rework conflicts & karmic blocks…

and the battle for balance continues~ 

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Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse 11.13.2012 November 11, 2012

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Chill is in the Air

~As Above So Below~

Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 4:09 pm, CST: we are experiencing a New Moon representing conception, new birth/ the seeding cycle of new beginnings, with both Sun (conscious self) & Moon (unconscious self) at 21*57 transforming, healing Scorpio. The potency & power is greatly emphasized as this cosmic event is also a Solar Eclipse, involving the blockage of light with the Moon aligning exactly in-between the Sun & Earth.

The electromagnetic field of Scorpio is associated with planetary transmitter Pluto, mythological God of the Underworld, defining the dynamic core power of life. Pluto symbolizes birth, death, destruction, breaking down, upheaval, elimination, purging, catharsis, cleansing, rebirth, creation, renewal, reform, building up, revitalization, metamorphosis; it symbolizes the most powerful & compulsive energy. This power undirected can be misused or abused; or it can be directed toward personal transformation & regeneration as you empower yourself by fusing with greater forces than one’s ego. Pluto represents coexisting dual desires: either the separative ego or the return to the Source. Yes, it is heavy stuff. Think I’ll go listen to some Leonard Cohen….

This one is a Total Solar Eclipse, visible on the Northeast coast of Australia. Here is my simplistic, homemade illustration of the basic concept…computer experts & perfectionists avert your eyes!!

Solar Eclipse Basics

The Moon (the past) absorbs all available solar power. Earth (the present or current reality) receives only 2nd hand impetus toward the future (Sun) growth via what we need to deal within our deep, dark places; complex conditioning & memory-dominated material such as nurturing & security issues/problems, feelings/deeply ingrained automatic responses, unconscious behavior, habits, old patterns, moods, etc. (all Moon territory).

Previously hidden emotional ‘wounds’ are surfacing now (perfect timing) in order to be revealed, healed & let go! Solar Eclipses often bring unexpected opportunities or upsetting situations…prepare for surprises, insights will enlighten, vitality could be affected…try to create space for self…don’t cloud your awareness with any gunk or your perspective may be limited. Reread the last blog on Taurus/Scorpio…we are ridding ourselves of the past in order to more freely embrace the future! Step by step…


Passionate, sensitive Scorpio is definitely in the spotlight; not only are Sun & Moon in magnetic Scorpio, but also responsible, disciplined Saturn at 4*40 & North Node at 26* of that mysterious sign. Retrograde Mercury, symbolizing the rational mind & communications, will be backtracking into Scorpio (early Nov. 14th) and will turn Direct on Nov. 26th at 18* Scorpio. If you don’t understand the specifics here, not to worry…just pointing out the energetic concentration of extreme Scorpio intensity & self-empowerment available to all of us.

 I know I’m sounding repetitive but we are still experiencing the constant simmering between Uranus in Aries & Pluto in Capricorn although we wait until May 21st, 2013, before they reach their 3rd exact challenging square contact at 11* (degrees) in their respective signs. New readers could check out “Uranus Square Pluto” on sidebar for more info.


Nelson Mandela, who had been in prison for 27 years, said he operated from an open heart, not a place of fear.

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Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse 5.20.2012 May 7, 2012

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Chester Creek

~Everyone has all the signs & all the planets somewhere in their birthchart~

Sunday, May 20th, 2012: we experience the awesome Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 6:48 pm, CDT. Both Sun & Moon are exactly at 0*21 diverse Gemini, representing the dark & unseen phase of the Moon…our cosmic window is wide open to the subconscious world, focusing us totally within; touching upon ancient intuitive wisdom enabling access to the deep well of archetypal ideas just ready to emerge into consciousness.

New Moons represent new beginnings when our emotional Moon & purposeful Sun are at the same degree of a zodiac sign emphasizing the particular characteristics of that sign . We now need to be both receptive & conscious as we are planting new seeds & awaiting the amazing adventure!

Electromagnetic multifaceted Gemini is the witty, inquisitive, mental air-sign that pertains to observation, inventiveness, versatility, sharing & learning through information & communications, verbal fluency & flexible adaptability…loves the Immediate! Social Gemini needs on-going change, intellectual stimulation & constant variety. “The more unpredictable the message, the more information there is in it.”  However, to quiet the mind may now be easier due to the energy of the Solar Eclipse.

The transmitter associated with Gemini, Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, is currently at 23* earthy Taurus sitting next to expansive Jupiter at 25* stable Taurus. These two spheres ground us during this time  (Gemini can express as high-strung, impatient, restless & inconsistent)… assisting in the transforming process of retaining what is useful/valuable as we sift through the noise bombarding us from within & from out there.

A Solar Eclipse is a cosmic event that occurs during a close &/or exact New Moon when the Moon (the past) is positioned in-between the Earth (the present) & the Sun (the future). The lunar orb blocks out part of the sun’s light of consciousness, flashing us back into the past in order to integrate our emotions & feelings. What an opportunity to process the memories, conditioning & old patterns in order to more freely embrace the future! Hidden insights or unacknowledged achievements may also surface as part of this awakening unless we allow an  incomplete, limited awareness to cloud our perspective between what to let go of & what to keep. Trust yourself.

Let It Flow

While skateboarding down 3rd street with the guys last night, a thought came to me….We do not have a name for our solar system; our galaxy is The Milky Way, so any good ideas?!?  (I wasn’t out there with them, I just wanted to be…but skateboarding through life is enough for now!!

I love your comments…thank you….helps make this worthwhile….

Sagittarius New Moon/Solar Eclipse 11.24/25.2011 November 21, 2011

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Let the Adventure Begin

What a Thanksgiving celebration for those who participate! The planetary action will certainly be available to every soul on Earth and off.

Thursday the 24th of November for PST; in CST it is early morning Friday, Nov. 25th, at 12:10 am, when we have a powerful Sagittarius New Moon (new beginnings) & a very busy Solar Eclipse. Every Solar Eclipse occurs at the close or exact alignment with the Sun and Moon in the same degree;  the Moon ( past) is lined up in-between the Sun ( future) & the Earth (current reality)…definitely an amazing opportunity to prepare for previously hidden unconscious desires or information to be suddenly revealed…it may feel like a new birth! Old issues, feelings, problems, habits, conditioning & memory-dominated reactions tend to be reawakened. Also instinctive wisdom, insights, skills, innate gifts & intuitional flashes may surface unexpectedly..(we never have control over intuition, we are simply open channels for it to operate at high frequency.)

This Solar Eclipse with both Sun & Moon at 2*37 Sagittarius is a time when past & present must come to terms before further development can proceed. Take a risk! Onward & upward fellow humans! OK, I will continue to clear out old stuff & make room for the new…perhaps literally too.

Both luminaries in adventurous, independent fire-sign Sagittarius (and we all have Sag somewhere in our birthchart) bring forth mucho enthusiasm, expansiveness, optimism, idealism, higher mental interests, love of freedom &  space (inner, outer, & wide open) & enjoyment of a good time. ” Nothing in excess” is key here.

Our largest energy transmitter, spirited Jupiter, now at 1*57 Taurus, is associated with the electromagnetic field of Sagittarius & is considered the Greater Benefic of all the planets. It signifies reaching out to include more & more of the universe & its many experiences while we are seeking meaning, truth & developing ethical values. Growth & expansion, generosity, prosperity, benevolence, faith, trust, improvement, good will & positiveness are some of the basic qualities of Jupiter. Watch so they don’t expand into ” too much” or become impractical, insensitive, opinionated, tactless, extravagant, restless or dogmatic.

A Light in the Darkness

 Mercury, our speedy messenger planet which operates through travel, communications, data collecting  & commerce is once more turning Retrograde at 20* Sag or backward (does this approx. 3 times/year) on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24th through Dec.13th when it turns Direct at 4* Sag. Patience will be in great demand because there are often delays, detours, miscommunications, break-downs, confusion & changed plans with this event. This is also a chance to turn our thoughts deeply inward & think things over…stay flexible.

 I am grateful for, among other things, that visionary Jupiter in productive Taurus, active Mars in efficient Virgo & transforming Pluto in organized Capricorn are still making a Grand Trine aspect in those grounded, practical Earth signs. Focus on what you want to be your reality. Oh yes, I’m thankful for my readers! Bless you.

Next blog posting will be on Uranus Square Pluto…the multiexperience  I’ve been dropping hints about for the past year.

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Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse 7.1.2011 June 27, 2011

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Emotions Flow

Friday, July 1st, 2011, 3:55am, CDT: Here we go again! The 3rd Eclipse in a row & it packs a tremendous amount of energy…yes, the electromagnetic frequencies are accelerating even more; our nervous systems will attest to that. During this Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse we experience both Sun & Moon, the Yang & Yin, sitting together at 9*12 Cancer. Planets Pluto, Uranus & Saturn, all in cardinal (energy that initiates action) signs, are challenging this New Moon creating internal conflict, drive, tension, potentially producing dynamic action with accomplishment….more info below.

What does the cardinal water sign Cancer signify? First of all, the Moon is the natural energy transmitter that is associated with (or rules in traditional terms) the 30 degree cosmic field of Cancer, so the emotional power described here is extremely potent…we are talking about sensitive, nurturing, protective, caring, sympathetic, vulnerable & tenacious qualities…growth & fertility. It is a feminine Yin sign, which means receptive, intuitive & right-brain oriented…very psychic. Everyone has Cancer somewhere in their birthchartno one is excused from this Solar Eclipse!  Watch for hypersensitivity, moodiness, insecurity lapses, defensiveness & possible bouts of crabbiness.

The instinctive Moon, which changes sign every 2 1/2 days, depicts our instant reaction behavior, based on emotions, feelings..how we respond without thinking, our needs, security issues, habits, routines…our deepest patterns surrounding our psychological foundations. Home base (wherever) & family (whoever) are now emphasized. (the USA was birthed with the Sun in Cancer…July 4th)

In case you didn’t read my previous two blogs about eclipses, I will repeat; a Solar Eclipse occurs during a New Moon when the Moon (representing the past) is exactly in-between the Sun (future) & Earth (the present); in this case at 9* Cancer. It is often termed a doorway, as it is a transitional time  where we are finishing up, cleaning, losing, ridding self of past matters in order to more freely embrace the future. This represents the end of one set of circumstances & the beginning of another….a potential cosmic upgrade of frequency & consciousness.

Healing Waters

The universe is setting the stage for mucho action at this major crossroad of time/space.  Structured, concentrated, restrictive Saturn at 10* Libra… liberating, reforming, unconventional Uranus at 4* Aries… & purging, regenerating, transformational Pluto at 6* Capricorn, are all tensely aspecting not only the Sun/Moon but also each other..its called a cardinal grand cross in astro language. No doubt it will be stressful.

We are expecting a solar wind stream flowing from a large coronal hole on the Sun, apparently due to reach Earth on or around July 1st as well. There has been an increase of solar winds/flares the last few months according to my sources.

The radical disrupter, high-voltage Uranus at 5* Aries moves retrograde on July 9th, 7:36 pm CDT. The energies of this Awakener shatter the status quo, leading to freedom from the known; could be in an innovative manner (technology for example), humanitarian, or revolutionary…Uranus operates unpredictably, rebelliously, & shockingly, suddenly changing what once was.. in a flash like lightning. Uranus is the first of the three outer energy transmitters (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) which symbolize urges toward development that relates to soul consciousness rather than personal consciousness. A couple of days around this date emphasize & strengthen the Uranian qualities. Shake, rattle & roll.


Use your tools ( my current main ones are meditating, gardening, dancing, biking & being) to maintain balance…breathe & let go!  Adios…

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Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse 6.1.2011 May 27, 2011

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Mutable Air

Everyone has all the signs & planets somewhere in their birthchart which means a part of your life will be inundated with the energies discussed below.

The Gemini New Moon/partial Solar Eclipse takes place on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011, 4:30 pm, CDT. As a time of new beginnings, fresh starts or an emergence of a new cycle, the Sun  (center of being, identity, conscious self) and Moon (emotions, instincts, the unconscious self) are both sitting together at 11* alert, communicative Gemini.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse is the time/space when Moon (representing the past) is directly in-between Earth (current) & Sun (the future) and temporarily blocks the Sun’s light, thus involving a process of transformation showing where personal change is likely & necessary; it acts like a cosmic regulator that helps us to maintain balance as we deal with some emotional issue of the past before we can proceed clearly onward; another prime opportunity to continue creating as we go… with every word, thought & deed. Versatile, sociable Gemini has the potential to do this in a verbal, intelligent, logical, clever & rational manner…but its never easy for the sign of the Twins to confront & reveal emotions.

Gemini Clouds

Is There an Alien Visitation Craft up There?

During this eclipse we are experiencing an increase in the diverse, changeable Gemini vibrations as the magnified frequencies enter through a doorway-like opening from our Galactic Center & beyond. The more sensitive among us can probably feel the cosmic energies pulsating around & through our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual Being. This is palpable universal energy we are talking about…the real stuff!

The fleet-footed Messenger of the Gods, androgynous Mercury, wearing the winged helmet, is associated with the electromagnetic field of dualistic Gemini. Curious, witty, fluent, articulate, communicative energy abounds! The nervous system is related to Mercury (as well as Uranus) & also indicates a restless, high-strung, impatient manner that can switch gears quickly. The dual nature refers to the closeness/freedom syndrome of Gemini which can pull back to feel free just when things get too close.

Fresh Air

The disciplinarian Saturn is making a flowing, harmonious aspect to Sun & Moon at this time which will aid in choosing responsibility, maturity, patience & even humor in your interactions.

Compassionate, imaginative, psychic Neptune (spiritual or escapist urge) turns retrograde June 3rd at 1* (degree) Pisces…it will be backtracking into the end of Aquarius in August through Nov. when it goes Direct at 28* Aquarius.

Enduring, persistent, structured Saturn (the status quo world) turns Direct on June 12th at 10* Libra & starts moving forward again. The energies of planets seem to be very pronounced for a few days around these direction changes.

There are two more eclipses on the horizon: a Sagittarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on June 15th, and another New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 1st. Opportunities for more evolutionary growth…yes, we signed up for this! Life  seems fast & furious…be careful not to burn out…get plenty of rest. No doubt our mental attitude & emotional vibratory state can determine our experience in these powerful times.

Be grateful…resistance is futile!

Bringing Change

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Capricorn New Moon 1.4.2011 December 31, 2010

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Earth Sprites at Work

Everyone has all the signs & planets somewhere in their birthchart.
Astrology only correlates to reality-it does not cause it.

On Tuesday, January 4, 2011, at 3 :03 am CST, we have an earthy, conservative Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse with both Sun & Moon at 13*39 practical, responsible Capricorn. A New Moon initiates a new cycle; planting & germination of the seed. This phase of emergence & projection relates to plunging into new experiences spontaneously or instinctively & allowing intuition to guide you. Our expanding 6th sense is never planned or controlled….think unpredictable Uranus (the unknown world). We intuitively connect to an inner, universal frequency that does not flow from our rational mind or emotions. Leave space for surprises!

Sun (solar conscious nature) and Moon (lunar subconscious nature) are both at the same degree of Capricorn-exactly 13*39. They are flanked by heavy-duty, intense, life-altering Pluto on one side & passionate, courageous, assertive Mars on the other, creating a serious, down-to earth Capricorn stellium of qualities; patient (maybe not Mars), industrious, ambitious, organized, cautious, committed, economical, reliable, efficient & dependable. Every Capricorn I know also has a great sense of humor…needs it to lighten the load. Yes, I have a couple of planets in Capricorn….self-control is always welcome, as long as one doesn’t become too controlling, rigid or lonely.

Transmitter Saturn (the known world) is associated with conventional Capricorn. The ringed planet, last one to be seen with the naked eye, symbolizes the first law of manifestation; limitation. As Cap comes up against restrictions, hardships, obstacles & loss, we may use self-discipline & apply endurance, persistence & hard work. Structured Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac, can aid us in focusing & concentrating our energies, to patiently reach our goals, like the persevering mountain goat carefully climbing the rocky crags to the mountain top. Saturn can test us but also be a rock of inner strength to assist breaking through blockages of self-doubt, depression or fear, which are part of the lessons of life that each & every one of us confront at various times. Not much fun, but necessary, as we aim for wholeness.

The Solar Eclipse operates as a cosmic regulator that maintains balance on the Earth; this is a process of transformation that shows where change is necessary & this cardinal Earth sign is specifically symbolic of changes shaped by the passage of time. The Capricorn Moon (representing the past) is exactly in-between Capricorn Sun (the future) & Earth (the present). Unconscious desires may dominate conscious ones as Moon absorbs all available solar power. Old patterns, conditioning, memories, feelings & subconscious issues need to be dealt with as they are re-awakened . Past & present must come to terms before further development can proceed. Hidden talents &/or deep wisdom may also surface. Its not good or bad, it just is. Be gentle with yourself & others.

A few hours after the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Jan.4th, 2011, we experience the 3rd & final Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 27* Pisces. Expansive Jupiter represents our higher mind of metaphysics, philosophy, ethics, morals, idealism, beliefs, faith, hope, trust & optimism. Original Uranus is the wild card of the unexpected; a freedom-loving, radical, rebellious, disruptive, electric, innovative, intuitive, high-frequency awakener. This is their last hurrah in sensitive, empathic, spiritual Pisces, water sign of compassion, unity, imagination & visionary, mystical, musical, artistic, psychic gifts. On Jan.22nd Jupiter enters Aries & Uranus follows in March, 2011. Big changes!

I’ll end this serious blog with words of wisdom, “We are all bozos on this bus!”

The Goddesses are Dancing

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Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse 7-11-2010 July 9, 2010

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Uranian Peony

A major configuration of extremely powerful cosmic energies are enveloping us during the Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse which takes place Sunday, July 11th, 2010, 2:40pm (CDT). Both Sun & Moon at 19*24 Cancer add mucho emotional energy to the on-going complex astrological aspects. As Ralfee Finn says “The waves of intensity continue to pound the shores of daily life.”

Receptive Cancer is a cardinal water-sign that is all about feelings, emotions, family, mother, nurturing & protective needs, safety & security issues, the unconscious, psychic realms, & the imagination. At times the Cancer part of us operates as a worrier, being retentive, hypersensitive, moody, clingy &/or fearful. This sign is associated with the Moon & both deal with the sense of belonging, memories & the past as well as comfort & security.

A New Moon represents the conception point or a new beginning; the initiation phase of the 28 day lunation cycle which is subdivided into eight moon phases. A Solar Eclipse occurs at the close or exact alignment of a New Moon where the Moon (the past) is blocking the light of the Sun (the future) from Earth (the present)…. time of finishing up, ridding self of old matters that may cloud one’s perspective, releasing the past. It is an opportunity to awaken to previously hidden information that may come through unexpectedly as we clear the space..prepare for surprises! Eclipses usually occur in pairs, and we just experienced the powerful Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on June 26th. This current Solar Eclipse extends the energies of deconditioning from our current reality.

Expansive Jupiter at 3* Aries & inventive Uranus at 0*25 Aries are moving closer to the 5th & final exact opposition of Uranus/Saturn at 0*25 Libra on July 26th, day after the Full Moon on July 25th. More in next blog on this. (Please read Saturn opposite Uranus on sidebar to refresh your memory)

We are also still immersed in the intensity of the emotional catharsis of Pluto conjunct the past Lunar Eclipse Capricorn Moon. (read previous blog) Release of tension is needed as transforming Pluto, planet of death & rebirth, is making a T-square (challenging aspect) for weeks to both the above mentioned Saturn & the Jupiter/Uranus combo. Spending time with two ex-husbands, fathers of my 2 children, in-between these eclipse events certainly brings the past up in my face & allows me a stupendous opportunity to let go and begin my life anew each day. I am grateful.

Purging Pluto will be making 7 exact squares (stress, tension) to high frequency Uranus from 2012 through 2015; we are just dipping our toes into the tumultuous waters at this point. Much more on this cosmic scene coming up…..